Geneva - the very name of Calvin’s city brings forth a host of images testifying to an eventful history and to a present that continues to brim with new developments. Situated at the heart of a great road and rail network linking the Mediterranean and the North Sea as well as Italy and France, Geneva soon carved out its destiny as a centre of trade, commerce and finance. Banking quickly rose to prominence on the back of economic growth and vigorous manufacturing, projecting its reputation into the far corners of Europe. The Geneva banking industry provided the Continent’s royal courts with illustrious advisers and ministers.

The city has continued to develop since and has acquired an international dimension, mainly by asserting itself as a capital of wealth management. On the geopolitical front it is home to a large number of international organisations and NGOs, including the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Cosmopolitain Geneva from this standpoint is the rich and diversified centre of an economic, humanitarian and cultural community.

Léon Lauber

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Our office in Geneva marks our penchant for proximity. Our wish is to be near clients residing in or visiting a city that has benefited fully from its endowments as a hub of international finance, and yet has remained deeply attached to its Swiss identity. Our Bank enjoys an unparalleled infrastructure, an environment conducive to the development of private banking, and a pool of financial professionals who combine dependability and top-tier skills. The dynamic spirit and range of services that have forged the reputation of Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA are also immediately accessible in the heart of Geneva. Our branch is located in the banking district, close to the Grand Théâtre that houses the city opera, and at the foot of an historic old town gazing resolutely on the world beyond.

Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA
12, boulevard du Théâtre
1204 Geneva

T. +41 22 818 65 00