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Neuchâtel has survived many economic challenges over the centuries, while remaining an oasis of tranquillity, discretion and hospitality. Far from the turmoil of more imposing cities, another way of life flourishes here.

Situated on the shores of the largest all-Swiss lake, which laps at the very heart of the town, the gentle peaks of the Jura Mountains rising on the horizon, Neuchâtel was perhaps destined to be special. Its historical centre, with its ochre-coloured stone facades quarried from nearby Hauterive, dates back to the 17th century and bears witness to its past as a principality. Its cultural prestige is perpetuated through its distinguished university and other renowned research institutions.

Neuchâtel was quick to establish itself as an excellent economic centre, initially in such industries as the production of indiennes – painted canvasses the first of which date back to the 18th century – and above all, watchmaking. Later, the town earned its spurs in the technological revolution, and today Neuchâtel enjoys an international reputation in cutting-edge sectors such as information technology, micromechanics, pharmaceuticals and, of course, prestigious watchmaking. Many internationally renowned companies have located their head offices here.

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An intricate relationship has gradually built up between Bank Bonhôte and its home town of Neuchâtel. The stately building that houses our head office was built in 1839 and is an integral part of Neuchâtel’s history and architectural tradition. The ties that bind the Bank to the town derive from its in-depth knowledge of the economic, legal and tax environment of regional investors and its ability to meet their specific needs.

Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA
2, quai Ostervald
2001 Neuchâtel
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